Graduate instruction is an important element of the Center activities. Following is a list of courses that were developed by the CIMAR faculty.

EML 6281 - Robot Geometry I. A detailed analysis of the forward and reverse displacement analysis of robot manipulators and spatial closed-loop mechanisms.

EML 6282 - Robot Geometry II. An introduction to screw theory and its application to velocity and force control of manipulators and parallel mechanisms.

EML 6283 - Robot Geometry III. An advanced study of spatial geometry.

EML 6275 - Coplanar Kinematic Synthesis. The design and analysis of planar mechanisms to include multiply separated position theory for 3, 4, and 5 positions of the moving system.

EML 6934 - Dynamics of Robots. The dynamic analysis of serial and in-parallel robot manipulators.

Students also take several other courses that are offered within the College of Engineering and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. A sampling of these courses follows:

Mechanical Engineering:
EML 5223 - Design Synthesis in Vibrations
EML 5273 - Advanced Dynamics of Machinery
EML 5311 - Control System Theory
EML 5318 - Computer Control of Machines and Processes
EML 5504 - Mechanical Design I
EML 5505 - Mechanical Design II
EML 6267 - Structural Dynamics of Production Machinery
EML 6324 - Fundamentals of Production Engineering

Electrical Engineering:
EEL 5182 - State Variable Methods in Linear Systems
EEL 5631 - Digital Control Systems
EEL 5719 - Digital Filtering
EEL 5840 - Elements of Machine Intelligence
EEL 6311 - Electronic Circuits I
EEL 6312 - Electronic Circuits II
EEL 6505 - Digital Signal Processing
EEL 6562 - Image Processing and Computer Vision
EEL 6614 - Modern Control Theory
EEL 6667 - Kinematics and Dynamics of Robot Manipulators
EEL 6668 - Intelligent Robot Manipulator Systems

Computer Science:
CAP 5416 - Computer Vision
CAP 5705 - Computer Graphics
CAP 5805 - Computer Simulation Concepts
CAP 6615 - Neural Networks for Computing
CAP 6618 - Image Algebra
CAP 6635 - Artificial Intelligence Concepts

MAD 6406 - Numerical Linear Algebra
MAP 6208 - Numerical Optimization